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How to set up a random products poster campaign?
How to set up a random products poster campaign?

To create your random products poster campaign

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1) Go to the Campaigns tab and click New campaign.

2) Select a campaign type.

3) Add a name for your campaign and select a page to post on (you can choose only 1 page) and set a post schedule. Please note that our app uses a time zone of your store. Due to Facebook spam policy, please be sure to post Not more than once a day to Facebook and Instagram if you have less than 100 followers. On Twitter, you can post even 5 times a day.

4) Select collections for your posts. Make sure that all products in these collections are available. If the system selects a product that is not available, the post will not be published.

5) You can add up to 5 templates for your posts. Every post is posted with a random product and a random template. You can use our templates or create your own. For Instagram, it is possible to add hashtags. Please note that Instagram does not allow more than 30 hashtags in the post.

6) You may click Help to see dynamic fields to auto-populate the post content.

7) You can add a coupon of discount and choose a design for it (Please note that these features are parts of the paid plan).

8) At the end of your setup, you can send a test post to your page. It will be published in a few minutes.

9) Click Save & Publish button on the top of the setup page to save your settings.

10) If everything is OK you'll see your campaign in the Campaigns tab with the status Published.

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