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Connecting your Instagram Business account to Post Studio
Connecting your Instagram Business account to Post Studio

Connect your Instagram Business account to Post Studio

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The video below shows the proper connection flow. The individual steps are outlined below:

Switch to Professional Instagram Account

First of all, you should create an Instagram account. After that, in order to convert this account into a Business Instagram account, you need to go through the next steps:

1) Go to the Settings section and click the Account button.

2) Click Switch to Professional Account and choose Continue button.

3) Select a Category and click the Done button, after that select Business and click the Next button.

4) Review your contacts and click the Next button. The most important part is to connect the Instagram page to your Facebook page, so click the Login to Facebook button and sing in to your FB account.

5) Select the page your want to connect and click the Next button. Next time you want to check if Facebook page is already connected just go to the Settings > Account > Connected Facebook Page (Linked Accounts).

You can also confirm that your instagram and facebook accounts are linked by accessing the Page Settings from your facebook account and clicking on instagram to see the connected account.

Connect your Instagram page to Post Studio

After you've converted your Instagram personal page to the business page and connected Facebook page, you need to connect your Instagram page to Post Studio:

1) From the Settings tab click on the 'Add Account' Button **

**If you already have an account connected you will see a 'Change Pages' button in the Facebook / Instagram section, So click on that first, and then click the 'Connect Pages' button.

2) You will be taken to facebook to authorize the post studio app. To manually select the pages you want to give access to, you can click the edit access button.

3) Ensure all the toggle switches are on for the pages and accounts you wish to connect

4) Click the Continue as 'Your Name' button.

5) You will be returned to Post Studio where you can check all pages you wish to connect.​

Congratulations! Your pages are now connected and ready to set up for auto posting!

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