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How to set up a weekly deal campaign?
How to set up a weekly deal campaign?

set up a weekly deal campaign

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How Weekly Deal Campaign works? - Every week, one product will be selected from this campaign’s collection list and it will be featured as the Weekly Deal on your social media pages. The weekly deal campaign sends 3 sequenced posts on your social media page during the week, letting your social followers know about this week’s deal and discount.

1) Go to the Campaigns tab and click New campaign.

2) Select a campaign type.

3) Add a name for your campaign and select a page to post on (you can choose only 1 page).

Instagram is not yet available on the weekly deal campaign but we are working on adding it soon to the system.

Select collections for your posts. Make sure that all products in these collections are available. If the system selects a product that is not available, posts will not be published.

4) Fill in the discount name and discount value that will be shared with your followers. This discount code will automatically be generated and will be set to expire based on the campaign

Also, the link for the product already includes the discount code applied so if someone enters that link, they will already have the coupon applied when they click to checkout.

5) In the section Weekly Deal Post Sequence, you can see the templates for 3 posts which will send each on a different day, letting your followers know about the deal, then reminding them about it, and lastly, sending them a last chance deal reminder.

6) Choose a day and time for three publications and click Save. Remember that each of them should be published later than the previous one.

7) You may use the preview mode to see what the publication will look like on a specific day.

8) You may click Variables to see dynamic fields to auto-populate the post content.

9) Click Save & Publish button on the top of the setup page to save your settings.

10) If everything is OK you'll see your campaign in the Campaigns tab with a status Published.

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