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Instagram publishing errors and it's fixes
Instagram publishing errors and it's fixes

Find Instagram publishing errors and their fixes here.

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Instagram publishing errors

1 Facebook error: (#32) Page request limit reached (code 32, subcode null)


The profile has reached its API calls limit, therefore we are not able to publish on this profile, or sync its new comments. The API calls limit is based on daily active people (DAP) - the higher your page's DAP, the higher the rate-limit threshold. As soon as the threshold is reached, the profile is locked by Instagram/Facebook and the only way to get this "resolved" is to wait for the profile to be unlocked by the native platform.

2 Facebook error: The aspect ratio is not supported. (code 36003, subcode 2207009)


The aspect ratio of the image must be within 4:5 to 1.91:1. Crop the image and try to publish it again.

3 Facebook error: An unexpected error has occurred. Please retry your request later. (code 2, subcode null) (5 retries)


Unknown error - we have no further information on this one. The only thing we can recommend is publishing the same content again later.


Facebook error: Error validating access token: The session has been invalidated because the user changed their password or Facebook has changed the session for security reasons. (code 190, subcode 460)


We have no valid token/permissions. Go here and grant all permissions again --


Facebook error: The image format is not supported. (code 36001, subcode 2207005)


The problem is most likely the image resolution - Instagram allows a max resolution of 1920x1080px. Posts that failed with this error message usually contain images with a much higher resolution. Resize the image and try publishing again.


Facebook error: Fatal (code -1, subcode 2207001)


This error is returned when the Instagram anti-spam mechanism is triggered. Instagram is unable to comment on exactly what caused it and how you can prevent it (there are no further details along with the error message). Instagram intentionally does not share the details to prevent someone from trying to circumvent or playing around with their system. Our recommendation is to amend the post - alter the copy/text, change the picture (if attached), etc., and try to publish again.


Received Facebook error response of type OAuthException: (#10) The user is not an Instagram Business (code 10, subcode null)


This publishing error can happen when you switch your Instagram Business Account to an Instagram Creator Account. Publishing on a Creator Account is not available via the Instagram API at the moment, so we recommend you switch your account back to a Business Account.


Facebook error: (#10) Application does not have permission for this action (code 10, subcode null)


  1. Check that the Instagram account and Facebook Page are still connected correctly.

  2. Also, please check that you have an Admin role on the linked Facebook Page.

  3. Reconnect with your Facebook account here and accept all permissions.


Facebook error: Invalid user id (code 110, subcode 2207018) errorUserTitle=Cannot load user with a private account or invalid username, errorUserMessage=The following user(s) cannot be accessed: {username}


You've received this publishing error because the username you've tried to tag is invalid - please check your post and its tagged user(s), there might be a typo or another mistake.


Facebook error: User access is restricted (code 25, subcode 2207050) 'User is unavailable - The Instagram account is either inactive or restricted.'


Please log in to the concerned Instagram account natively, via the Instagram application.


Facebook error: Media ID is not available (code 9007, subcode 2207027) 'Cannot Publish - The media is not ready for publishing, please wait for a moment' errorUserTitle=Cannot Publish, errorUserMessage=The media is not ready for publishing, please wait for a moment'


Please wait - our systems are configured to automatically retry the publishing process in case this kind of Instagram API error response appears. Usually one of the next tries is successful. If even after multiple attempts to publish your post it is not published successfully, please check your video/image file - it might not be eligible for publishing after all, due to incorrect resolution, bitrate, aspect ratio, etc. You can find all the specs for images and videos here.


Facebook error: You reached maximum number of posts that is allowed to be published by Content Publishing API. (code 9, subcode 2207042)


With Instagram Content Publishing, your account is allowed to publish a maximum of 25 posts within a 24-hour period. Please wait before further publishing.



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