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Basics of Instagram
Basics of Instagram
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  • Max Number of hashtags to be used on Instagram = 30 Hashtags

  • Max Number of posts should be posted at a time = 1 post

  • Your Instagram page must be a business page to connect with Post Studio

  • Product links are not clickable on Instagram

    • Links on Instagram are not clickable. Some peoples still prefer to post them, and some guide their users to click on the profile bio.

    • The links posted by our app are not clickable because of the Instagram limitations, not because of our app doing something wrong. Instagram doesn’t allow any links posted in this way to be clickable.

  • Template Variables

    When building your template you can use the following variables to make your post stand out or include things that you wish.

    You can use the following dynamic field to auto populate the post content:

    {PRODUCT_DESCRIPTION} - The product description.Learn how to shorten the description

    {PRODUCT_TITLE} - The product title

    {PRODUCT_TAGS} - The product tags as hashtags (#tag1 #tag2 #tag3 etc...)

    {PRODUCT_SKU} - The product sku. If there are multiple variants, the SKU of the first variant is used.

    {VENDOR_NAME} - The product's vendor name

    {LOWEST_PRICE} - A product can have multiple variants. This represents the price of the cheapest variant.

To connect your Instagram page you need:

  • Click on the ‘change pages’ button in the Facebook/Instagram section

  • Next: “connect pages”

  • “Edit Settings”: select there the Instagram pages you want to connect to and “Next”

  • Select the Facebook page you need to connect to.

!It is important to connect the Facebook page to which the Instagram page

is connected otherwise, the Instagram page will not be connected in the end.

  • Check that “yes” is selected on all items for correct system operation. And click on the “Done” button

  • Select all pages

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