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Basics of Facebook
Basics of Facebook
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  • Template Configuration Options and Variables

    You can use the following dynamic field to auto populate the post content:

    {PRODUCT_LINK} - A direct link to the presented product. Uses url shortener if possible.

    {PRODUCT_LINK_FULL} - A direct link to the presented product. Will never use url shortener.

    {PRODUCT_DESCRIPTION} - The product description.Learn how to shorten the description

    {PRODUCT_TITLE} - The product title

    {PRODUCT_TAGS} - The product tags as hashtags (#tag1 #tag2 #tag3 etc...)

    {PRODUCT_SKU} - The product sku. If there are multiple variants, the SKU of the first variant is used.

    {VENDOR_NAME} - The product's vendor name

    {LOWEST_PRICE} - A product can have multiple variants. This represents the price of the cheapest variant.

Why does my logo not show on my post anymore?

  • This happens when the Facebook page image is changed. The temporary way to fix it is to reconnect your Facebook page. We are working to fix this issue permanently. Meanwhile, go to the settings and click on the Facebook section click “change pages” then connect your page and that should fix it.

Why when connecting facebook I'm I seeing Instagram and NOT the facebook pages?

  • The same connection is used for both Facebook and instagram and you will go thru both steps to get facebook connected as well. First you will see the instagram accounts followed by the facebook pages. But always, those users who do not want to connect instagram, do not select any of the Instagram pages, click next and choose Facebook from the business pages.

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